Associated General Contractors
of New Hampshire

Associated General Contractors of New Hampshire

A Safer Road to Tomorrow
Involvement in causes and organizations outside of the AGC of NH is essential to strengthen relationships, and increase awareness about critical issues. One such cause is raising awareness about the importance of adequate roads and bridges. Currently, AGC of NH is a partner in the A Safer Road to Tomorrow coalition. A Safer Road to Tomorrow is a merger of six organizations that have a vested interest in maintaining the condition of the state’s roadways.

The organization was launched in 2004, and was created to inform New Hampshire residents about the nature and scope of deficiencies in the state’s highways and bridges, and their immediate and long term impact on public safety, the economy, and quality of life. Each year,
A Safer Road to Tomorrow produces a quarterly newsletter, calendar, and informative booklets. These materials serve as educational tools to reach the driving public and inform them about the effect of poor roads and bridges. For more information, please visit
Coalition partners include:
  • New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police, Inc.
  • New Hampshire Good Roads Association
  • The Safety & Health Council of Northern New England
  • Business & Industry Association
  • New Hampshire Lodging & Restaurant Association
Building America's Future
Building America's Future Educational Fund (BAF Ed) is a national coalition founded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Former Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell, and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is a bipartisan coalition of elected officials dedicated to bringing about a new era of U.S. investment in infrastructure that enhances our nation's prosperity and quality of life. BAF Ed Fund seeks to advance a new national vision for infrastructure investment that strengthens our cities and rural communities, focuses on economic growth and global competitiveness, job creation, and environmental sustainability. In addition, the coalition embraces a wide definition of infrastructure - from roads and bridges to water and sewer systems, energy systems, buses, trains, ports, airports, levees, dams, schools and housing.

In New Hampshire, a group of state legislators and leaders have formed a local branch of the coalition. In a press release about the formation of the NH branch, the coalition stated:

"We need a long-term plan – both through the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Intermodal Transportation (GACIT) and reauthorization of the federal transportation law – to refocus our infrastructure priorities, improve accountability, and find innovative solutions to tackling our deteriorating infrastructure. This plan must look ahead to ensure our hard earned dollars meet today’s short term problems and the needs of future generations.

Everyone knows New Hampshire faces serious infrastructure issues. Years of neglect and poor planning have caused our roadways and bridges to become some of the worst in the country. Not only on our congested interstates like I-93, but also on the thousands of miles of crumbling rural roads and hundreds of structurally deficient bridges like the Memorial Bridge in Portsmouth.

New Hampshire’s infrastructure strains go beyond just transportation. Energy costs have skyrocketed as our electric grid can barely keep up with demand. This issue, along with our roads, has caused New Hampshire to lose its competitive edge when attracting new businesses and new jobs. Unless we make significant changes in our course and direction, our infrastructure will continue to deteriorate and a real opportunity to restore New Hampshire’s economy will be lost. We deserve better."

BAF-NH supports:
  • Promote Reforms and Accountability.
  • Focus Investments on Economic Returns.
  • Provide A National Plan, but with Local Flexibility.

For more information, please visit