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Associated General Contractors of New Hampshire


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AGC Truck Weights Report & Survey Results

After months of collecting and studying data, the AGC of NH has released its Truck Weight Overview. The report shows results of a survey the association conducted on local construction and trucking companies to determine how many are affected by the removal of a footnote to the state axle spacing chart. The report also examines safety and financial implications, federal and state truck weight laws, and comparisons with other New England states. The association continues to work with the legislature to find a solution. Click here

AGC of NH Annual Report

At the closing of each year, AGC of NH releases its Annual Report highlighting all of the past year’s most important issues and events. The 2015 Annual Report reviews topics including:
    Click here to download the full 2015 Annual Report.

    2015 Legislative Report

    The AGC has released its 2015 Legislative Report. This report summarizes every bill the association supported or opposed over the course of the year and highlights the current status. Some of the AGC’s top bills included Workers’ Compensation, state budget, highway funding, school building aid, and many more. For the complete 2015 Legislative Report, click here.

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